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It’s all fun and games until you have to do a pli√© squat with calf raise for 5 minutes. Yep, you read that right…FIVE whole minutes. I have never held a pose for that long in my life, unless you count Savasana. ūüėÄ Here is what happened….


I admit, I got a little shy!

My sister and I ¬†walked¬†into the Idea World convention and headed straight for the Blogilates booth¬†to check out her new clothing line (BODYPOP). The styles were gorgeous, except my Girls were a little too large for some of the styles :O. After chatting with Cassey Ho for a bit, my sis and I both ended up buying the¬†Dream Believe Achieve Detox Water Bottle. We LOVE it. It’s much bigger than the one I already had so the flavor of the water is more intense, since you can put more fruit and herbs in it. Plus, you don’t have to unscrew the top to refill. SCORE!


As we were walking down the aisles, someone at the NAFC Trainer booth asked us if we would like to join a competition. I looked over at my sis and we did the “sure, why not” shrug without even bothering to ask what it was. We had some time to kill until the POP Pilates party later that day anyways. Little did we know, the competition involved¬†holding a¬†pli√© squat with calf raise. Priya & Kajal from Doonya asked us (there were 5 of us) what our goal was for the pli√©¬†squat. Someone yelled out 5 minutes, so we went with that after a little hesitation. I mean how hard can it be really? Right?….right? Well, it was definitely hard! My calves¬†started convulse about halfway through the workout. But, we all pushed through and met our goal. We didn’t give up and we even threw in some dance moves. It was really rewarding knowing that your body can do more than you think. Not to mention, I got a Doonya Cardio Dance & Conditioning DVD ¬†which I am super excited to try.


So, we killed our calves before heading over to¬†the POP Pilates party with¬†Cassey from Blogilates…yea smart, I know. Even though our legs were already jelly, we were excited to be part of this big group of Blogilates fans. Normally, we do her videos online and we have chance to pause it if it gets too hard. Well, that wasn’t the case here….Cassey wouldn’t let us! We did all her signature moves from the candlestick dipper to earthquake. It was awesome seeing so many people come together to workout!

Cassey & Jackelyn Ho

Cassey and her little sis Jackelyn!

POP Pilates Party

Before we got our butts kicked.

This happened too.

This happened too.

And this.

And this.

The whole day was an awesome experience. Now, I’m off to eat my Idea World swag. Ciao!