5 Ways to Travel Healthy

 I love to travel. When people ask me what I do for a living, I often say I’m a professional traveler. My friends and family always wonder how I get any work done, seeing as I am in a different state or country every few months. But traveling, is a form of mental relaxation for me. It’s seeing something different. It’s learning and awareness. Besides, with a career like mine, I can work from anywhere in the world. Thank you, technology! Even though traveling is a way for me to stay mentally healthy, there was a time when I would consistently get sick on vacation. I would either catch a cold or get food poisoning.  Having either of these two abroad is miserable to say the least. So, I looked back at my daily habits and made some changes. I am now traveling 100% happy and healthy. Here is how you can too:

  1. Wash your hands. I don’t know how many times I’ve touched my face or put my fingers in my mouth while they were dirty. I know for a fact that my hands can pass on bacteria and other gross things because I will break out in the exact area where I touched. Sometimes, it can be hard to find restrooms abroad. For those times, I use an essential oil disenfecting spray.
  2. Stay hydrated. Water flushes out toxins through sweat and waste. Without water, your body lacks the tool to flush out bad bacteria that leads to a weak immune system. 
  3. Cover your nose and mouth while flying. I view a plane as a transportation vessel for germs and people. But mainly, germs. The airlines crank up the AC to help circulate the air but this is also just circulating the germs. Midway through the flight and after your lovely *insert sarcasm* in-flight meal, you fall asleep with your mouth open. When you wake up, your throat and nose are completely dry (cotton mouth). Who knows how many germs took advantage of you and traveled down your orifices while you slept. Eww. During the entire flight, I keep my nose and mouth covered with a scarf. You can also use a face mask, but scarves are more fashionable. 
  4. Eat fruit and veggies. Or drink them. Our body needs micronutrients, phytochemicals, and enzymes to function. These are all found in fruits and veggies of all colors. When we travel, we tend to avoid the healthy stuff because “we can get that back home”. We over-indulge and then we get sick. The act of traveling is a balance. Most of the food we eat on vacation is very acidic, which can lead to an unbalanced gut environment. Green veggies are alkaline and therefore provide healthy bacteria in the gut. 
  5. Don’t eat weird things. When we travel, we want to eat new and exotic things. Keep in mind though, that your body is not accustomed to weird OR exotic. If your stomach is too acidic, you have too much bad bacteria in the gut, or you lack the enzymes to digest this new food, your body might react likes it’s being poisioned. Listen to your body and learn to gauge how much and what you can eat at that specific moment. If you just had a huge meal and then came across a seafood delicacy on your way out of the restaurant, the smart thing to do is to come back later. Your stomach is barely digesting. Giving it something weird will likely wreak havoc.

Safe travels,

💙 Roxy